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What are the Health Benefits of Repainting Your Office?

Updated: Feb 15

Do you remember when it was a big deal that toys were covered in lead paint from China and kids were getting sick? Unfortunately, the use of lead paint does not stop at children’s toys. Depending on when your office was constructed or last painted, you could be sitting amongst some dangerous materials coating the walls.

Commercial painting contractors are here to safely remove the dangers that old paint can bring to the office. There are several different health benefits of repainting your office and even warranties to prevent future costs. Check out this list, and contact commercial or office painters to help create a healthier workspace at your office as soon as possible.

Physical Health Benefits of Painting Your Office

Like we mentioned earlier, old paint can be harmful to your well-being. When old offices start to lose their original sheen, the paint is going to start to go with it. If you have not had your office repainted in a few years, now is the time to do it.

The harmful effects of old paint are serious. Sometimes this can require removing old layers of paint, not just painting over it all. That is when a situation calls for professional work.

Mental Health Benefits of Repainting Your Office

Painting has a huge effect on your brain’s health as well as the body’s. There is a long list of positive gains that you receive when you go ahead with repainting your office. These are just some of the ways in which your brain will benefit from repainting your office.

Fosters Creativity

Deciding to repaint your office lets you play with your creative side a bit more. If you are going with a more traditional paint choice, then you get to work with different colors. If your office has a bit more of a modern feel, you may find yourself placing murals around the office to create an artistic and creative space. Regardless, it will be fun for your staff to plan, and will create a more creative and productive environment once the new space is finished.

Stress Relief

If you add a mural, there can be some mental health aspects. Painting is a soothing activity. There is not much to do but simple repetition and to stay mindlessly focused on your brush strokes. This is the kind of activity you need when the rest of your work like is chaotic and stressful. We’ve seen some business’ do a team building event and add a mural to the kitchen, in their recently painted office.

Promotes an Optimistic Attitude

A new paint coat can show you what something so simple can achieve. This boosts your optimism and can greatly influence the ways in which your employees interact with each other.

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