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Reasons You Should Repaint Your Small Business or Commercial Exterior in Vancouver

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The first impression your business gives is quite essential. When people who want to visit your business the first thing, they will see is the exterior. Repainting your Vancouver commercial property can go a long way towards creating an inviting environment for your business.

Cost Effective

Repainting your business can have remarkable effects on your bottom line. If your business is highly reliant on walk-ins, like several other Vancouver businesses, this is important. A new and attractive outlook can go a long way in bringing the proper attention and improving foot traffic from potential customers. As many potential customers may simply be passing by and decide to pop in.

The Professional painting contractors at Unitus Painting are equipped with the skills to create and inviting space without breaking the bank. Both new and old customers will appreciate the effort to enhance the look of your business!

Better Aesthetics

Vancouver, on its own, is a city with broad building styles. A fresh coat of paint on the outside of the building in your company’s colors can go a long way towards solidifying your brand in the eyes of your customers.

Also, when a building is coated with bold colors, it automatically stands out from others in the same area. By just looking new, the business automatically becomes attractive to prospective customers.

A new, well-maintained exterior will create trust between you and your clients because it communicates how much you care about every aspect of your business, particularly when everything from the landscaping to the paint looks clean and professional.

Overall, a paint makeover, if done right, will create a professional atmosphere for both your clients and employees to feel comfortable.

Protect your building from weather damage

In Vancouver, the winters can be cold, wet, and long. There is the snow, wind, and sometimes freezing rain and cold temperatures- all of which affect the building's integrity, all resulting in problems for a business or landowner.

Luckily, new paint can help protect the exterior of your building from some of that damage.Beyond providing a barrier between the siding of your building and the elements, painting your building creates an opportunity to find and repair minor damage before it becomes a big problem.All of this ensures that your structure does not just look attractive but saves you the cost of major repairs in the future.


This is one of the main reasons you should hire professionals or commercial painting contractors to do the job.

It is important to you and your clients that your painting project is completed on time and on-budget, with as little disruption to your day-to-day as possible. As a general rule, clients don’t like to have to fight through painting equipment to get to your storefront.

At Unitus Painting, we will work with you in developing a production schedule that will allow us to complete the job promptly. This will allow you to get back to what you do best (making your customers happy) with a brand-new paint job and a great-looking building to boot.


With Spring quickly approaching, there is not a more convenient time to provide your business with a new look, and a fresh coat of paint! So, if you are in the mood to have your business sparkling again, and keep it more protected, then call to get your free estimate today! Contact or call 604-357-4787

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