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How to Prepare Your Office for Painting

Updated: Feb 15

Maybe the time has come, and you want to switch things up a little bit by giving your office a new, more modern paint job. An old layer of paint can start to chip away, and you want to bring in some commercial painting contractors to get the best results. Before you head out and let the painters in, there’s prep work that can help you come back to a better and much-improved office.

Your office is going to require some preparation that will need to be done before anyone comes in, but it isn’t a task too big to be done. To help you prepare your office for painting, we have come up with this simple checklist of what to do.

Plan for a Weekend or Night Job

First off, you don’t want to be around when the painting is happening. Paint takes time to dry, and the fumes can be dangerous. Unitus Painting has flexible hours to make sure that you’re covered to get the painting done at the right time. Night hours and weekend hours are our strong suit so you don’t have to sacrifice any of your work day.

Friday afternoon allows you to give employees a half day of work, or you can ask them to work from home that day. Your office will then have the whole weekend to air and dry, making the time you need to work away from the office shorter.

Find a Temporary Office Space

Your Business needs to run. If you cannot get painters over a weekend, or it’s a longer job, you may need to find a temporary office space. Maybe your company is set up so your workers can work from home for a few days. Whatever it is, you may want to vacate the office. Planning for this is the most important preparation there is.

There are great co-working spaces that you can get rooms in for rather cheap. This can be the perfect solution to your issue of not having an office for a few days.

Pack up the Essentials

If your office has any confidential or important files, be sure to get them packed up and brought home with you or locked away. Unitus does a great job of steering clear from all of your files and workspaces, but take what you need to keep working.

We’ll be able to take care of your belongings, but understand if you want important documents close by, it may be best to bring them with you.

Move Desks and Furniture Away from Walls

Professional painters will take care of your floors and furniture. They know what they are doing, and take perfect care of your office belongings. Every article in an office is covered in order to prevent paint from damaging your desks, bookshelves etc.

However, you can remove pictures and other decorations from the walls if you want. But a group like Unitus takes care of this regardless. We will treat your belongings as if they are our own.

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