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How to Create a Livelier Store Design by Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Updated: Feb 15

How many times have you heard someone say, “it’s amazing what a single coat of paint can do!”? Every time someone hears that you are painting your home, it seems to be the only possible response. The thing is, they are right. These sayings are cliche and catchy, but they are based in reality. The best thing it, this also applies to your store, or other commercial space as well!

Your entire store’s design can be shifted by different paint colors. Certain colors have certain associations. If you are wanting to create a livelier space, you need to choose the right colors.

Regardless of what your favourite colors are, or if you have a good eye for interior design, calling commercial painting contractors is a good first step to refresh your store. Improving your store design is their focus. There are tons of reasons why to go with the pros.

What do you want to say about the space?

The first place to start when choosing colors for your shop is deciding what it is you want to say about your space. Colors evoke certain feelings and emotions. Do you want to say that your shop brings warmth and happiness? Brighter colors, maybe even pastels, will be more likely to send that message.

The 60-30-10 Rule

Whenever you’re decorating a room you want to follow a simple proportion of colors to make the perfect balance in your shop. Too much of one color can push away customers because of the lack of visual appeal. Remember, we are trying to bring a livelier feeling to your shop, but you can’t go overboard.

The predominant color of your choice should take up 60% of the space in the shop. A secondary color to compliment your primary will be 30% of the shop, and finally pick a color that contrasts the others to make those pop out for the final 10%. You can really form good visuals with this ratio and draw the eye to certain areas.

Draw the Eyes

Painting a store or shop is not just about bringing a lively feeling to it. You can use this feeling and paint scheme to draw your customers’ eyes to certain areas. For example, red is the first color that the human eye picks up on. Your more expensive and profitable items may do better if their are red highlights around them.

Make a Small Space Big

Finally, colors have the power to make small spaces feel so much bigger than they truly are. A light color is often used in small shops to make it feel more open and larger than it is.

Which shop feels livelier? One where you are starting to get claustrophobic in, or the shop that makes you feel comfortable moving around?

Pick lighter colors if your shop is small so you can give more life to both it and your customers.

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